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You're exhausted from several rounds of brainstorming and finally pick a name that seems to convey what you want to say. Your legal eagles clear it Nike Air Max 90 Valkoinen Suomi , and you start incorporating the name everywhere - on the web, on T-shirts, on stationery and business cards and in correspondence with potential investors or customers.

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Hidden Pitfall #1: The name can't be said aloud fast and clearly. Ever called a law firm only to be totally unsure what the receptionist said when picking up the line? Certain combinations of sounds are tongue twisters to say quickly and do not come across clearly to the ear.

For instance, if you named your retail shop Maps, Books Nike Air Max 90 Sininen Suomi , Mugs, Bangles, this four-word name might look great on signage and in newspaper ads. But anyone whose job it was to pick up the phone and say it fifty times a day would soon be in despair. Someone once told me that when I reeled off the name of my publicity book, they heard it as Six Debts to Free Publicity instead of Six Steps. I learned to pause an extra millisecond after "six" to get the name across. But I don't think it's viable to try to salvage Maps, Books Nike Air Max 90 Naisten Suomi , Mugs, Bangles in that way.

Hidden Pitfall #2: People can't spell it. Pity the folks at Cuil, a search engine trying to take business away from Google. "Cuil is an old Irish word for knowledge," says the company on its About page. Newspaper articles about the company note that it is pronounced like "cool." To most Americans, however Nike Air Max 90 Essential Suomi , it looks like a nonsensical and unpronounceable combination of letters.

When the Internet is key to a company's success, a hard-to-spell name can be a fatal obstacle. If someone gets interested and hears the company name as Quill or Cool and looks at or , the company has lost the benefit of that publicity or word of mouth. Quite a different kind of spelling problem comes up when someone hears 24-7 Cleaning and doesn't know whether to look for it as starting with "2" or "t" and whether it contains a hyphen or a slash between 24 and 7.

Hidden Pitfall #3: The name restricts growth. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing quickly grew beyond selling sandpaper and wisely changed its moniker to 3M, a name that fits just about any kind of innovation or invention. Banks often run into this pitfall when they tie their identity to a town or county and try to expand into territory that belongs to another area in customers' minds.

Examples of restrictive restaurant names that seemed advantageous until tastes changed include Pizza Hut, which is now struggling to be known for other foods besides pizza Nike Air Max 90 Premium Suomi , and any name containing "pasta," which used to sound European but now sounds fattening.

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For example, the founder of Nobscot Corporation came from New England Nike Air Max 90 Leather Suomi , where Nobscot is an honorable Native American place name. However, she later learned that in old England, the name raises eyebrows because "nob" is slang there for a part of the male anatomy. Likewise, My Daily Flog, a photo sharing site Nike Air Max 90 Ultra 2.0 Suomi , is not likely to become popular in Australia, where "flog" means a solitary practice not normally discussed in polite company.

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Take extra time during naming to make sure you've thought of every way in which you plan to use a name and that the name works in those contexts. This ensures you won't face a choice between continuing with a name that's slowly sapping the potential of what it stands for or taking on the expense of rebranding what you've already put out into the world.

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