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Sleep apnea is a disorder characterized by many pauses in breathing when asleep. Depending on the severity of the attack J. R. Richard Jersey , the pause may last from a few seconds to minutes. A severely afflicted person may suffer from such painful bouts anywhere between five to twenty times in an hour. Normal breathing is restored with a loud snort after the bout ceases.

Sleep apnea can severely disrupt ones sleep pattern. Shift in breathing condition causes one to constantly move out of deep sleep to a light one. This leads to poor sleep quality. Those afflicted are prone to feeling sleepy during the day. It leads to loss of weight and peace of mind.

People suffering from sleep apnea do not know that they have been afflicted by the disease. Worse, it cannot be detected during routine visits to a sleep apnea doctor聽. Also, this ailment cannot be detected through blood tests. So, once the disease sets in, it goes undetected for quite some time. By the time it is diagnosed Carlos Lee Jersey , a lot of damage is already done.

There are several types of sleep apnea but the most common of all is obstructive sleep apnea. In the obstructive condition the windpipe remains blocked during sleep. This leads to breathing pauses or shallow breathing. When one breathes under this condition, air is forced past the blockage causing loud snoring. People who are over weight are most likely to be afflicted with this disease. Those who have an enlarged tonsil may fall prey to this disease.

Obstructive sleep apnea has a highly pronounced symptom of loud and chronic (ongoing) snoring. The snoring is marked by pauses and at times by gasping. Another symptom is feeling sleepy during the day. One tends to fall asleep at odd hours. Other symptoms include early morning headaches, mood swings, urination at nights, dry throat Roy Oswalt Jersey , memory loss etc. Though one does not snore every night, ones condition worsens with passage of time.

Sleep apnea sets in unnoticeably. It has an insidious effect on ones health. To avoid complications it is important to consult a sleep apnea doctor聽 at the earliest. Today, with the help of advanced treatment methodology, the disease can be cured very soon.

Michael Ullmann - About Author:
The Sleep Wellness Center of New York was established by a team of cardiologists, pediatricians Mike Scott Jersey , pulmonologists and internists to address the growing need for research, diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders including Sleep Apnea, Restless Leg Syndrome, Insomnia, Narcolepsy Jose Cruz Jersey , and Snoring. For more information visit

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For a woman, a make-up box can act as an excellent custom gift card holder. For coffee-lovers, you can choose a customized coffee mug. During Christmas or New Year, nothing can be better than Christmas trees to hold your card. It will add much fun and enthusiasm to the festive mood of the receiver.

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The Importance of Good Natural and Healthy Sleep Self Help Articles | December 9, 2010
Sleep is a vital function of every human being. Our daily life implies a rather consuming activity. In order to restore our metabolism, strengthen our immune system, and keep our nervous system in ord...

Sleep is a vital function of every human being. Our daily life implies a rather consuming activity. In order to restore our metabolism, strengthen our immune system Gerrit Cole Jersey , and keep our nervous system in order, it is necessary to have sound and healthy sleep. Sleep is a revitalizing and restoring bodily process which can help us focus, integrate our forces and obtain energy to go through the next day. Lack of sleep or inadequate sleep can result in depression, tiredness and various form of illnesses. We cannot begin to understand how essential the revitalizing activity of a good night's sleep is.

Insomnia can be defined as inability to fall asleep. Some individuals have trouble to stay asleep once they doze off, or are unable to go back to sleep once they awake. Others may be restless before sleeping. Unfortunately Jose Altuve Jersey , we are all being faced with insomnia in certain phases of our lives. If it becomes a permanent chronic condition, our balance can be seriously affected and we indeed could face a serious health problem.

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