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d i m 3 dZm3 2 puma slides d2d3m3 dgm2 J3yy J3== is the generalizedjoint force vector. r J2== Jzyv Jlzr Jizz; etc.The symbols [ q q ] and [q"] are notation for the n(-l)/Z-vector of C eating Z1 through 1 4 , which are constants of the mecha- nism, leads to a reduction from 35 to 3 multiplications and from[aq]velocity products and the n-vectorof squared velocities. and 18 to 3 additions. Computing the constant Z1 involves 18 calcu- lations. Since the simple parameters required for the calculation[ q 2 ] are given by: of 11 are the input to the RNE, theRNE will effectively carry out The procedure used to derive the dynamimc odel entails four the calculation of Z1 on every pass, producing considerable m-steps: necessary computation.

Of the reductionfrom 126 to 39 2 kf3za" cos(82)cos(82 d 3 ) uzm3 cos2(e2) puma fenty unique Christoffel symbols, 61 eliminations are obtained with the 2 Mzza3 cos"(82 03) a$m3 c0s2(82 83) general equations, 14 more with (9)and a further 12 with (10). $2 a2a3m3 eos(Bz)<�oos(82 6 3) JpYy sin"(62) (2) Step four requires differentiating the mass matrix elements withrespect to the configurationvariables.Themeans to fenty by puma carry Jz=, cos2(82) 2 dzdsms 2 Mz2a2 cos2(&) outdifferentiationauto,naticallyhavebeenavailableforsome a;mz cos2(&) d i m s dZm2 J2zz Jizz JizzCalculationsrequired: 37 multiplications,18additions.

The mass of each component was r is theinertiaabouthe axis of rotation;determined with a beam balance; the cenotfergravity was located is the weight of the link;by balancing each link on a knife edge, once orthogonal to each w is thdeistance fromeacshuspensionaxis; and the diagonal terms of the inertia dyadic were measured wire to the axis of rotation;with a two wire suspension. 1 is the oscillatiofnrequency in radians per second;The motor and drive mechanism at puma thunder spectra each joint contributes to is thelength of thesupporting wires.the inertia about that joint an amount equal to the inertia of therotating pieces magnified by the gear ratio squared.

The drivesand reduction gears were not removed from the links, so the total Measurement of the Motor and Drive Inertiamotor and drive contribution ateach joint was determined by anidentification method. This contribution is considered separately A parameter identificationmethod was used t o learnthefrom the I,, term of the link itself because the motor and drive totalrotationalinertiaateachjoint.Thisinertiaincludes t,heinertia seen through the reduction gear does not contribute to the effective motor and drive inertia and the contribution due to theinertialforcesattheotherjointsinthearm.

from the measured total inertia, the motor and drive inertial con- The parametersof the wrist linkswere not directly measured. tributions were found.The wrist itself was not disassembled. But the needed parameterswere estimatedusingmeasurements of the wristmass and the Measurement Toleranceexternal dimensions of the individual links. To obtain the inertialterms, the wrist links were modeled as thin shells. A tolerance for each direct measurement was established as the measurement was taken.

If one is carefulwhenreleasing the link, it Link 2 17.40is possible puma football boots to start fundamentalmodeoscillationwithout visi- Link 3 4.80blyexcitingany of the other modes. The relationshipbetween Link 4* 0.82measured properties and rotational inertia is: Link 5* 0.34 Link 6* 0.09 * This method was suggested by Prof. David Powell. Link 3 wiCthomplete LVrist 6.04 Detached Wrist 2.24 * Values derived from external dimensions; f 2 5 % . The positions of the centers of gravity are reported in Table 5. The dimensions rz! ry and rz refer to the x, y and z coordinates 513of the center of gravity in the coordinate frame [img] fenty-286dtd.jpg[/img] attached t o the Table 5 . Centers of Gravity.
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