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Why ignore this? If you asics gel kayano 24 believe that humans are variable, why is the 12mm model so ubiquitous in the ASICS shoe lineup. Where's the evidence?He asks for ONE piece of evidence, so here's one. Again to Squadrone and Gallozzi, 2009. Running in zero drop Vibram Fivefingers compared to traditional shoes reduces oxygen consumption and reduces ground contact time (which has been shown to be associated with greater speed). Maybe it's not a perfect example, but the claim that there is NO evidence is false. We can turn this around and ask for peer reviewed, published evidence of a benefit to running in ASICS shoes.

What is the benefit of a 12mm lifted heel? You'll typically hear about reduced Achilles problems, but has this been proven? Richards et al., 2008 state that "& the overall impact on injury rates of running in a shoe with an elevated heel remains untested in clinical trials asics gel lyte v ."Finally, there's a snide remark about minimalist shoes following the path of toning shoes. However, I have a big problem with this. Toning shoes are an aberration that deviate humans farther from the condition we are born with (barefoot). Minimalist shoes bring us closer to our natural condition (barefoot).

high arch asics gt 1000 gets cushioning, medium arch gets structure cushioning, low arch gets maximum support. These are basically different words for neutral, stability, and motion control. Since we're in the business of asking for peer reviewed, published evidence, I'd ask what the evidence for using arch height to choose a shoe might be? I'd ask whether pronation has been reliably shown as a major cause of running injury that needs to be controlled by a shoe? I'd ask whether ASICS shoes or pronation control devices have been proven to prevent injuries?How about the series of studies by the military.

Dude, are you serious? Ok, forget about asics 2000 claims. Let's get down to the actual process of going to the store and buying running shoes. Why does the shoe industry feel that shoes with a 12mm (or greater) heel lift are the "gold standard?" If there is no peer-reviewed evidence that these highly-cushioned shoes prevent injury or are more beneficial than zero drop shoes then why is there not more variety out there? If the studies are "still out" on either "minimal" or "maximal" .

(for lack of a better term) shoes then why isn't there an even representation of both styles on shoe store shelves? It would make sense that since you've said yourself that all runners are different and will therefore require different styles of running shoes then there would be an even representation of both "minimal" and "maximal" shoes in stores. Instead, when I go to my local Fleet Feet running store there are about 60 highly-cushioned shoe choices and only about 6 "minimal" style shoes. I know you can't speak for the shoe industry so just speak for Asics or what you've come to learn in your employment at Asics (if possible).

That's the difference between the height of the forefoot and the height of the rear foot, so if you've got a cushion type asics cumulus shoe it might be 24mm and 14mm off the ground. A racing flat might be slimmer at 10mm and 20mm. We've done a lot of research on this and we understand that it actually puts your foot in a mechanically better position, makes it more stable, takes a load off the Achilles tendon& so there's a lot of positives. There's a lot of myths and all that sort of crap and the problem is that every time you add a little raise, people are going to say  oh [img] cumulus-056upi.jpg[/img] but you're removing the foot from the ground therefore .
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