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Cape Town has , over the years, become quite popular and notorious for attracting businessmen from all over the world. Numerous conferences, business meetings and contract settlements are being held in Cape Town every month, nevermind every year. So with Cape Town becoming so increasingly crowded, businessmen and other professionals are finding it increasingly difficult to find suitable work environments, conducive to helping them concentrate and focus without being disrupted by curious tourists or simply getting frustrated with the high noise levels of Cape Town’s city centre.

26 on Zinnia Guesthouse, although not located within Cape Town’s city centre, is one of the most luxurious <"">guesthouses in Bellville and <"">guesthouses in Brackenfell, who have chosen to remain rather small and remote to accommodate the busy lifestyles of businessmen, allowing them the peace and quiet necessary for a good work environment, as well as allowing them to concentrate and focus on their work, whilst catering to their needs.

26 on Zinnia Guesthouse is a quiet and remote guesthouse in Bellville, just outside of Cape Town’s city centre. It is conveniently located to both be close enough to easily access Cape Town’s city centre using the main roads, whilst still far enough to not be affected by the noise and chaos of the city centre. This allows the guesthouse to maintain a relaxing and quiet atmosphere, conducive for an ideal working environment.

26 on Zinnia Guesthouse only have 4 rooms offered to guests. The reason and main benefit of this is to keep the rooms quite large, comfortable and luxurious, thus also maintaining an atmosphere for their guests’ relaxation, quiet surroundings, and allowing the guests to experience a more suburban side to Cape Town. Another reason why 26 on Zinnia have chosen to remain rather small is to have the ability to provide each and every guest with the attention and thorough service that the staff feel the guests deserve.

26 on Zinnia Guesthouse would be considered the ideal location to stay at if you are a businessman on a business trip away from home. This is due to the relaxed and quiet atmosphere of its location, as well as the staff’s attention to their guests’ needs, accommodating each and every one to help them achieve the environment they desire. Therefore, if you are a businessman, you will be provided with a room full of comfort for a full night’s sleep, as well with a work environment that would help you be as focused as you possibly could be, without getting disrupted by curious tourists. The staff really do try and provide their guests with numerous catering services, such as breakfast, lunch and dining options- this is to help reduce the stress of looking for a place to eat, especially if one is on a very busy timetable due to work.

Being able to provide their guests, both businessmen and tourist families, with a convenient, quiet and safe environment to stay at are the goals of the staff at 26 on Zinnia Guesthouse, making it a number one choice of <"">guesthouses in Durbanville, and one of the best and most luxurious guesthouses in Bellville.

26 on Zinnia Guesthouse


‘ productive relaxation’

Ah,-the life of a shooting coach. Sleep late, shoot all day, see you tomorrow, do it again. Really? Who thought that up? A busy coach typically has little time to practice. He, or she, is busy taking care of their students. This same teacher understands sporting clays inside and out, respects what makes it challenging and knows what it will take to move you ahead.

Students arrive with a list of factors to be considered, possibly adjusted, and a universe of opinions and questions. It's all part of the dynamics of sporting clays and the challenging and gratifying learning curve. Good teachers untangle thoughts and simplify the shooting process.

Looking for simplification, Reese decided to come down from Canada and visit with me. Relatively new to sporting clays, if it was out here to be read or looked at, he had. While there's certainly merit to exploring and studying, understandably Reese was more than a little confused. He was thoroughly confused. Reese could quote from every how-to source out there and tell you who said what and why. And that information, assembled as best he could, he then tried to put into his game. Discouraged with his efforts to comply with a mere 27 swing thoughts, and the endless missing that followed, Reese concluded there had to be a better way.

First, Reese and I sorted out what he could keep and what he could safely discard. I suggested he reduce his swing 'to-do list' to 3 easier steps, assuring him that would yield an X. He did. And it did. Reese was especially pleased, surprised that you could break a target consistently with 3 instead of 27 steps.

I believe in matching a reliable shooting method to a specific target presentation. Pull-away is a staple method. It was here that Reese stumbled as he was used to using his many (many) 'recommended' methods to establish lead..

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