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by Hassan Rouhvand Wholesale Liverpool FC Jerseys , Mu Dong

TEHRAN, Feb. 25 (Xinhua) -- Vali Asr square in central Tehran hosts a spectrum of signs, changing the area's usual landscape on a winter afternoon on the eve of the country's major parliamentary election.

Youngsters on sidewalks distribute colorful posters with pictures and verbal messages to grab people's attention.

Iranian voters will cast their ballots Friday to elect 290 members of parliament from among 6,229 qualified candidates, including 586 women, across the political spectrum, from principalists, or conservatives Wholesale Leicester City FC Jerseys , to moderates and reformists.

Yellow posters for the "Grand Coalition of Principalists" feature pictures of its 30 candidates and the slogan, "Livelihood, Security, Development."

The image of the coalition's leader, Gholam Ali Haddad-Adel, is the largest and occupy the top section of the poster.

Haddad-Adel, a conservative scholar, once served as parliament chairman.

Now an incumbent parliament member Wholesale Juventus FC Jerseys , Haddad-Adel is regarded a loyal principalist on Iran's political scene.

"We support the principalist candidates, and (improving) the peoples' livelihood is their slogan and political promise," says one young man, who only gives his first name, Hamed.

"The principalists are more loyal to the Islamic republic's principles and advocate the Islamic revolution's basic cause, namely, independence and freedom, two factors which kept the United States from meddling in the country Wholesale Inter Milan FC Jerseys ," says Mohammad Amin.

The week-long campaigning for parliamentary elections ends Thursday. It is now followed by a waiting period until the results are out.

Out of about 12,000 registered candidates, 6,229 were deemed as qualified. They will be competing for 290 parliament seats for four-year terms, or about 21 candidates for each seat.

Competition is fiercest in the capital, Tehran, where more than 1,000 candidates are vying for a mere 30 seats.

As for Friday's elections Wholesale FC Borussia Dortmund Jerseys , the principalists hope to maintain their current clout in the upcoming parliament.

Campaigning for reformist candidates is also in full display on Vali Asr square.

On the opposite corner of the square, a group of youngsters carry posters and blue ribbons to denote they are fans of the reformists, who are united under "Pervasive Coalition of Reformists."

"Hope, Tranquility, Economic Boom" is a slogan featured by the coalition, led by politician and academic Mohammad Reza Aref.

"The inherent features of reformism are patience and tolerance," Aref tells supporters.

One of the reformists' supporters, Meisam Wholesale FC Bayern Munich Jerseys , wants to see reformists "grow stronger through this election."

"We are in favor of change and more freedoms," says Meisam, a 22-year-old management major at a Tehran university, who only provides his first name.

"We deserve increased progress and positive relations with the world," Meisam says.

As for the Feb. 26 elections, the moderates formed a coalition with the reformists, optimistic and motivated by the patronage of President Hassan Rouhani, seeking to alter the composition of the currently conservative-dominated parliament.

In addition to coalitions Wholesale FC Barcelona Jerseys , there are also individual candidates running for parliament seats.

"Individual candidates are less hopeful that the people will vote for them," says a middle-aged man. "Coalition lists outshine them."

"Whatever the outcome of the elections, Iranian citizens' participation in the Friday elections will be a national honor for the Islamic republic," says the man, who demands anonymity.

In addition to the parliamentary election, 166 candidates will also be competing on Friday for 88 seats in the Assembly of Experts, an analytical body of Islamic theologians known as Mujtahids who are elected for eight year terms and are responsible for electing, removing and supervising Iran's Supreme Leader's actions.

On Wednesday Wholesale Chelsea FC Jerseys , President Rouhani sent text messages to Iranians' mobile phones, urging them to actively participate in the elections.

"Today the country needs your vote," he said. "Let's decide on the country's prosperous future together on Friday, Feb. 26."

If you use a hanging tray feeder you could also draw in buntings, creepers, wren, finch, and mockingbirds.


Peanuts are effectively liked by woodpeckers Wholesale Atletico Madrid FC Jerseys , titmice, jays, crows, chickadees, and a lot of other birds. They are also a preferred of raccoons, bears, squirrels, and other animals we ought to not feed. Peanuts want to be held dry and employed up rapidly since if they turn into wet they have a robust likelihood of harboring aflatoxins. The aflatoxins are very poisonous to birds at very low levels.

Peanuts in the shell work effectively in tray feeders or in window feeders. If you set peanuts or mixtures with peanuts in tube feeders make confident to adjust the seed usually and fully empty the feeder and clean it each time.

Milo or sorghum

For many of the Western ground feeding birds Wholesale AS Roma FC Jerseys , like Gambelís Quail, Stellerís Jay, some thrashers, and cowbirds milo is a favored foods. Residence sparrows donít seem to like milo. In my area the birds wonít try to eat milo if there is other food for them to consume.

If you are heading to feed milo use floor or low tray feeders, If you are overrun by cowbirds end making use of it for a time.

I hope this article is beneficial to you in realizing what birds you can expect to draw in with the different bird seed or bird foods.

Bird feeding is a single activity that a whole lot of people find enjoyable to do. They discover by themselves taking satisfaction with just just viewing these gorgeous creatures right at their personal backyards.

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