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Don?t Treat Your Customers Like Gym Members Business Articles | June 28 Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , 2009
Do you focus too much on getting new customers and not enough on keeping those you have? ?Here you'll learn an important lesson for you business that comes from a gym.

Imagine that you go to look at a gym.? You?re taken around by staff, shown all of the great features, and are made to feel special.? They you sign up and before long you notice that something has changed in the relationship.? You?re surprised to realize that once you sign on the dotted line, the gym doesn?t care about you.

While this isn?t true for all fitness facilities Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping , most are based on a business model that?s all about getting new customers.? They want to sign you up, get any initiation fee, and take your dues every month.? In fact, the gym would love it if you stopped coming but kept paying your membership.

You?re never asked for your opinion or suggestions for the facility.? As a loyal customer Cheap Jerseys From China , you never receive any special treatment.? Management doesn?t care if equipment gets worn down or the locker rooms aren?t as clean as they used to be.? They?re happy to take your money every month and they?re betting that you won?t leave.? Why do you stay?? Because getting out of your contract is a complicated process, you still want to make good on your fitness commitment, and there?s no other gyms nearby. ?

That is until a new gym opens in town.? Then you start to see a mass exodus to the new place. ? Suddenly you may see the old gym get a bit of a facelift with things like balloons.? New membership offers will be promoted as a way to pull in more members.? But as a current member, you?re not getting anything new or better out of the situation.? So why should you stay?

A lot of businesses treat their customers like gym members.? Don?t forget the people who helped make your business what it is and instead only focus on getting new customers.? People will stay loyal to a place that they feel cares about them.? But if you take them for granted Cheap Jerseys China , they?ll run to the next new thing in town. ?

When was the last time you reached out to a longtime customer and told them that they are appreciated?? Do you ever go to them for advice or guidance?? Do you communicate with them about exciting products and services that are coming in the future or is your only contact with them, a monthly bill?

In this economy, relationships matter more than ever.? If you treat your customers like a dumbbell, then don?t be surprised if they drop you. ?

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Generally, areas where the temperatures are very hot have these permanent in-ground pools. These pools are available in various shapes and designs that make them look more beautiful as they enhance the look of your home.

Pool builders are needed to build such pools. The out ground pools are basically used in countries where summer is hot and only for a few months. Plastic pools or inflated pools are used on a temporary purpose to enjoy the fun and relaxation just for that season. These swimming pools do not require swimming pool builders as they are made out of plastic and can be inflated and deflated. Making a pool will cost you in an average around 60,000 dollars to 100 Wholesale NFL Jerseys ,000 dollars. Therefore, you need to select pool builders that are registered and have enough experiences of building various kinds of pool. If you have the address or contact details of any swimming pools builders through reference or word of mouth, then that can be extremely helpful. Swimming pool builders that have a reputation will present you with a work that is worth seeing.

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Cataract awareness has been implemented for some time but not taken seriously. Generally, people treat cataract associated with vision loss as a natural part of life鈥檚 aging process, alongside wrinkles and gray hairs Cheap NFL Jerseys Online , which is sad to say nothing has been done much about it.
On the brighter side, advanced modern cataract treatments can be accessible for outpatient procedures and now has been widely used. Cataract surgery is one of the most effective and safest surgeries done in the United States. For other alternative forms of advanced surgery, laser-assisted cataract surgery and micro-incision cataract surgery ma. Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Custom Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Authentic Jerseys Wholesale Soccer Hats Wholesale NHL Jerseys China Cheap NFL Hoodies Cheap College Hats Cheap NCAA Hats Cheap Basketball Hoodies
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